Bitcoin Poker for Canadian Players

We have compiled the Bitcoin Poker has a list of poker rooms where you can play poker with Bitcoins and other popular cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin.

Payment Methods
Up to $600
Ratings: 42
Match Bonus (Match 100% up to $600.00)
English interface only

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Bitcoin Poker was legalised in Germany in 2010 and is the only legalised online gambling. Poker platforms that use BTC are not gambling platforms, as Bitcoin is not considered real currency at the moment. Playing poker with Bitcoins is completely legal in the country. However, BTC is subject to certain rules. If you win large sums, you have to report them to the state. You can find more information about the rights and legislation regarding cryptocurrencies here.

bitcoin poker

The digital currency called Bitcoin is an equivalent payment system created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Poker sites that accept Bitcoin are becoming increasingly popular, even though the value of this currency can drop at any time and it is not legal in some countries. The great advantage of these payment systems is that they allow players to do without the services of banks to carry out their transactions. Reading the following information will tell you everything to know about this option and whether it is worth your time, effort and money. Find out which are the best licensed rooms for players in Canada.

It's important to stay up to date on e-funds like this, especially because they could go global. However, this currency is currently considered a secondary means of payment and is constantly monitored by the FBI because some people use it for illegal activities.

Before virtual payment systems, Bitcoin Poker transferred funds to Bitcoin Poker via credit, debit and gift cards, as well as money transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram. Withdrawals can also be made by cheque and money transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram. Transferring money to a player account using credit cards is a quick option, especially with VISA cards. However, withdrawals can take weeks or even months to be processed. Note that if you play on illegal betting sites, you cannot cash the cheques at the bank.

Once a person creates an account to make deposits with Bitcoin Poker, it is incredibly easy for them to create bank accounts that are compatible with this option. Withdrawals and deposits based on this form of currency happen almost instantly. The only grey area with these payment systems is the constantly changing exchange rate. For example, the virtual currency has at one time lost over 25% of its value in dollars.

Some Bitcoin Poker players appreciate the peace of mind that comes with depositing real money via traditional real banking methods, rather than having to resort to their electronic counterparts. Institutions are slowly starting to follow the trend to appeal to a wider audience. Currently, the few poker sites that accept Bitcoin do not receive as much traffic as their more popular competitors that accept deposits via credit cards and money transfer services. While some Bitcoin poker that accept Bitcoin may be reliable and secure, the real problem with this option is that the virtual currency can lose its value at any time. Therefore, a player who wants to avoid such uncertainties is likely to play at safe and reputable best bitcoin casinos by funding their real money account via VISA and MasterCard or other methods.

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