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best paypal casinos canada

Important information: ❗ How can I buy bitcoin with PayPal in 2021?

Who research online casino paypal that accept PayPal, may have noticed that some sites display the same casinos on every page, distracting players by displaying a list of online casino paypal that do not offer this deposit method. We are not like them. Our special algorithm show you only the relevant information and the best online casino Paypal where you can start betting right now.

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ The best Paypal casino in Canada

Payment Methods
Up to 7 BTC!
Ratings: 125
Minimum: 0.01 mBT,
Easy registration process,
Instant no-fee deposits and withdrawals
Up to 500CAD/5BTC bonus
Ratings: 11
Up to 500CAD/5BTC bonus

Even if minor inconveniences occur at Paypal Casino, they are quickly corrected and eliminated so you can enjoy all real money casinos with the PayPal payment option.

Canadian online casino with paypal can be a bit complicated for beginners. That's why we've compiled the most frequently asked questions to create a brief guide on how to play at an online casino that accepts Paypal. You will find a detailed guide to help you get to know the online casino world better and make the process of depositing and withdrawing money easier. In general, Paypal casino is the ideal option for those who play on real money. But only after you have evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of this payment system, you can decide whether you want to play. In turn, we will show you the best online casino, in which Paypal is accepted.

How do I make a deposit at an online casino Paypal

Many online casino accept PayPal as one of their deposit methods, and it won't be hard to find the right one. Especially now when you have the list of online casino that accept PayPal deposits. The only thing left to do is to learn how exactly to make the game deposit via Paypal.

How to open a PayPal account

First, make sure you have a valid Paypal account. If you have never used it before, go to and follow the instructions displayed to create the new Paypal account. As an experienced PayPal user, simply check your account to see if you have enough funds for your deposits.

Then access your favourite online casino with a Paypal deposit from the SlotsUp list. New users must go through the verification process and create the account. This simple process requires you to provide personal details such as your name, date of birth and email address and then follow the link sent to you to complete the verification process. If this is not your first time using the casino, simply log into your account with your email address and password.

After the registration process, it is time to set up your payment options and make your first deposit. To do this, go to the payment page (it can also be called "Deposits" or "Bank") and in this case select Paypal as your preferred payment method. You will be redirected to a new window where you can log in to your account. The secure connection is usually used for PayPal-related transactions. This way you can be sure that your personal data and money are protected.

Finally, enter the amount that you want to deposit and wait a few seconds for the payment process to complete. Soon you will see the deposited amount in your balance, which means you are ready to play your favourite games and win the money.

How to withdraw money

The procedure for withdrawing money from Paypal casino is just as simple as the deposit procedure. After you have played the games and won money, you will probably want to withdraw your winnings. In this case, log back into your account and check your balance. Some casinos set a minimum amount that can be withdrawn, others do not. So check this information in the terms and conditions before you start. When everything is ready, click on the "Withdraw" button and choose Paypal as your withdrawal method (make sure you play at a casino with PayPal withdrawal from the list). Then log into your account, enter the amount you would like to have transferred from your casino balance and wait for the transaction to complete to see the funds in your account.

You can now either leave the winnings in your PayPal account or have them transferred to your bank account or PayPal card, which you can use to withdraw money from ATMs. To link your bank account to your account, follow the instructions at The entire withdrawal process only takes a few minutes, so you can start spending the money you win at any of the Canadian online casino Paypal right away.

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Advantages of Paypal Casino as a deposit method

New online casino usually offer several banking methods, so it can be difficult to choose one, especially if you are a beginner and have never played casino games before. Each of the payment options have advantages and disadvantages, but Paypal is rightly one of the most popular deposit methods. There are several reasons for this popularity:

It's SAFE. Paypal is a popular worldwide name to millions for users and many players use it for their casino deposits and withdrawals. With Paypal for your gambling transactions, you can be sure that your money will not disappear (except in the case that you lose it) and your personal information will always be kept confidential.

It's FAST. Some of the gaming transactions can take hours or even days to complete. Paypal deposits and withdrawals are usually completed within seconds, so you can spend your time playing and not waiting.

CHEAPER. Even though Paypal Casino charges a small commission on your transactions, it is quite reasonable and you don't have to give half of your winnings to someone else just to transfer them to your account.

Paypal Casino in Canada

The United States and Canada have some things in common and the restriction of online casino Paypal in Canada is one of them. In Canada, not only can players can not use PayPal to play at an online casino, but they are also denied payment protection, the main feature of PayPal. Since no Canadian online casino accepts Paypal, players in Canada will have to find another way to make their deposit or wait for the first Paypal casino in Canada.

Online Casino Paypal in Belgium

We are pleased to add another country to our list of lucky one that can make the fastest and safest deposits. Belgium is that country. As we can see, Europeans have a more positive attitude towards PayPal and so we have a sufficient number of online casino that accept Paypal in Belgium. Depositing in Belgium may not always bring you winnings in real money, but you can be sure that you will have a great gaming experience and fun.

Main types of Paypal casinos

In today's world of online casino, everyone can find something to them. It doesn't matter what type of casino you prefer, because PayPal can be used on both full-fledged websites and mobile apps, in new casinos as well as those that have been on the market for a long time. With Paypal Casino, you can use a single payment option at all the casinos you play at without fear of complications. We have compiled for you the most popular types of PayPal casinos with their special features and brief instructions.

Online Paypal Casino

You should know all about Paypal casino if you are always want to have the access tp everything that you want and need. Luckily, now you can not only pay your bills with your smartphone, but also take mobile casino with you wherever you go. It has not much different from regular and often works in the same way. Some of them can be opened in your mobile browser, while others have their own apps, but the bottom line is that finding an online casino with the PayPal deposit option. You can now choose an online casino with PayPal deposit from SlotsUp's list by simply opening this page from your mobile device such as your iPhone, Android tablet, etc.

The Paypal casino in Canada has no problem with mobile gambling, but it is usually compatible with the best Android casinos. So it's no wonder that online casino mobile games are becoming increasingly popular. For those who have never heard of it, PayPal has its own mobile app that is considered very useful and nice. Not only does it allow you to receive and send money to other PayPal users, but also you can also check your deposits with just one click in the app. It means you don't have to enter your email address and password to make a PayPal deposit. You will simply be redirected to the app and confirm your transaction. So an online casino with PayPal speeds up the whole gambling process and makes it stress-free for you.

Online Casino that accept PayPal

The online gambling industry is moving forward to attract new players with new games. Conservative players will probably prefer the good old classic casinos with their slots and other simple games, but if you are one of the fans of the latest technology, you will be impressed by the new trend of online casino Paypal.

You can experience the real casino experience playing at an Paypal casino online. Imagine playing with dealers who look like they work in Las Vegas without even leaving your house. This may sound quite sophisticated, but the truth is simple. The entire gambling process is streamed from a real studio where real people deal the cards to you and other players from all over the world. You can see how the cards are shuffled, chat with other players in an online chat room and see what the dealers look like - a great thing to liven up your gaming routine and try something new.

Online casino usually offer several payment options, including PayPal. The team has a passion for live gambling. That's why we've compiled all online casino into one list where you can find the best to play today. If you are looking for a good, reliable online casino that accepts PayPal, you can choose the one on this page and make sure you are playing at a proven place with the best games and friendly dealers.

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Online Casino with PayPal deposit

There are many things that can spoil the gaming experience: unlicensed platforms, poor choice of games or payment methods, lack of bonuses and boredom. There is nothing worse than playing in the same casino every day, knowing every detail and pressing the same buttons. Such sites may bring you the winnings if you are lucky, but it will not bring you the thrill and excitement of betting at a brand new Paypal casino you have never played before. Brand new online casino paypal sites can look and function just like the old ones or surprise you with the most advanced games and a killer design - you never know what to expect on the new site.

There is always something with new casinos on the market though, as you never know if they are good or not and if it is safe to bet real money there. We know that, and that's why all new sites are carefully vetted by experts, who ensure that each casino has high quality and safety standards. Once the new online casino Paypal is approved, it can be added to our list. With new casinos appearing every month or even every week, our list is regularly updated with the latest.

Paypal Casino Games

Today's online casinos has impressive collections of games, from the simple to the advanced. Regardless of the game, you can make all kinds of bets.


If we had to choose one game to play for the rest of our lives, it would certainly be online slots with a Paypal casino deposit option. And we're not the only ones who have made that choice: Slots are the most played game today and millions of players play them every day. There are two types of slots: Classic Slots and Video Slots. Classic online slots are a simple game with 3 reels and repeating symbols like fruits and lucky 7s.

Video slots are much more advanced and have a variety of themes, game symbols and graphic solutions. There are PayPal casino slots based on popular movies, comics, music bands and so on, so every player can find something to play online.

So all players can find something to play. If you want to play slots with a Paypal deposit, you can find slot sites that accept Paypal in our list. We keep an eye on all the new releases. Just select the one on this page and join the worldwide community of fans of this great casino game.


Roulette is another popular game that often associated with casino games in general. Whenever you see a casino in a movie, there is likely to be a red and black roulette wheel rolling the ball and a group of people waiting for the roulette wheel to stop and bring them winnings (or disappointment if the ball hits the wrong number). Most casinos offer several types of online roulette in their range of games, including American roulette and French roulette. There are some small differences in the rules, but all types of online roulette games will bring you fun and do not require any special knowledge as the game is purely random. If you want to play real money online roulette with PayPal as a deposit option, you can always do so at any of the online casino Paypal on our list.


You can't imagine a good casino without several types of card games, poker and blackjack. Online blackjack is just as common as offline casinos, and PayPal deposit is even more convenient than offline play. Although, PayPal deposit blackjack is a skill game, the rules are very simple and you will learn them in a few minutes even if you are a beginner and playing real money online blackjack for the first time using PayPal as a deposit method.


Are you tired of poker and want something a little more extravagant? Take a look at baccarat at the casinos listed. The rules of Paypal casino baccarat are a little more complicated than those of classic blackjack, but there's nothing impossible for the gambling fan. This online card game will easily keep you entertained for hours and can even bring you big wins if you know the rules and remember all the card values.

Live Games

Almost any type of gambling game can be played at an online casino paypal to bring a real casino atmosphere to the betting process. In the our list you will find all kinds of poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette streamed in high quality from the best studios in the world. Let the professional croupiers handle your cards and you will definitely give up on the traditional casinos.

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Now you know all about Paypal casino, it can be even harder to choose the one that will also make you money. When all casinos are safe and reliable, have a wide selection of games and a nice user interface, the crucial element in choosing is the availability of bonuses. Casino bonuses are the special gifts offered to new and loyal customers that can significantly increase your winnings. In general, there are three main types of bonuses:

  • The deposit bonus. This is also known as a "welcome bonus" as it is given to you when you make your first deposit at the casino. Depending on the site, it can be a 100% deposit bonus, a 50% deposit bonus, etc. Since PayPal offers instant deposits, you don't have to wait and you can use your welcome bonus as soon as you have created the account.
  • Free Spins. Another Paypal casino bonus is usually given to players to promote new casino games or to thank them for their loyalty to the casino. Free spins can be spent on your favourite video slots, but the money you win with free spins have requirements before you can withdraw it. But thanks to PayPal's instant withdrawals, it doesn't take long.
  • The no deposit bonus. This bonus is the weakest of all. It is sometimes given to players for no particular reason, just for fun. This is a rare bonus, but you can find it in any of the Paypal casino on our list.

Some people think that bonuses are not as important as security or game selection, but we believe that a good casino can combine all these factors to satisfy its customers. And only site with such an attitude can be included in our list.

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