Best Bitcoin Casino Canada 2022

To help you set up your account at a great Bitcoin casino, we have ve looked at the country’s gambling providers and tested one by one, before providing you with an unprecedented gaming report. Also, it includes opinion of players. Our opinion about the best Bitcoin Casino for Canadian Players in 2022: ⚡ 1xbit ⚡

🇨🇦 Best anonymous crypto casinos 2022

Payment Methods
Up to 7 BTC!
Ratings: 125
Minimum: 0.01 mBT,
Easy registration process,
Instant no-fee deposits and withdrawals
100% FD
Ratings: 122
Double the funds from your initial deposit
100% FD
Ratings: 24
100% FD
100% FD
Ratings: 24
100% FD
100% FD
Ratings: 24
100% FD
100% FD
Ratings: 24
100% FD
up to 500€ (5 BTC) + 225 FS
Ratings: 91
+ 55% up to €300 ON DEPOSIT EVERY FRIDAY
up to 1 BTC + 100 FS
Ratings: 110
Join our mission and get the exclusive package of welcome bonuses for the initial 3 deposits: 100 Free Spins and bonuses up to 500 €/$ (1 BTC)!
45% bonus from 20 EUR
Ratings: 119
The bonus for the first replenishment of the gaming account is equal to 100% of the deposited amount
up to 500€ (5 BTC) + 225 FS
Ratings: 48
70% - on a deposit from 200 euro
30% bonus from 50 EUR
Ratings: 112
The third deposit - +30% at a deposit amount
55% bonus from 35 EUR
Ratings: 99
The bonus for the first replenishment of the gaming account is equal to 100% of the deposited amount
65% bonus from 95 EUR
Ratings: 102
The first deposit from 30 EUR/ 40 USD/ 40 CAD can bring you 100% bonus
Up to $2000/5BTC bonus
Ratings: 98
  1. 20 Free spins no deposit
  2. 100% up to $400 or 1BTC + 180 Free Spins (upon deposit)
  3. 50% up to $400 or 1 BTC
  4. 50% up to $800 or 2 BTC
  5. 100% up to $400 or 1 BTC
€1500 + 150FS
Ratings: 65
€1500 + 150FS
Ratings: 54
Sum at least 1.00 CAD, REAL-TIME BETS 24/7
Ratings: 43
UP TO €1000
Ratings: 29
First deposit - 125% up to €125 (BONUS CODE: ZBWEL125)
1500 EUR + 150 FS
Ratings: 34
Up to 0.010 BTC!
Ratings: 64
0.010 BTC Bonus
Payment with CAD
325% + 150 free spins
Ratings: 23
PLAY WITH 325% BONUS + 150 Free Spins
English interface only
Up to 0.01 BTC
Ratings: 53
Immediate payment,
min €10, max €4000,
Payment with CAD
€300 + 150 Freispiele
Ratings: 20
Immediate payment, min €20, max €4000, Payment with CAD
Up to $600
Ratings: 42
Match Bonus (Match 100% up to $600.00)
English interface only
Up to 500CAD/5BTC bonus
Ratings: 11
Up to 500CAD/5BTC bonus
Up to 100 CAD
Ratings: 8
Paysafe only

Bitcoin Casinos Payment Methods

Have you ever bought anything with Bitcoin? What do you think about cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and others)? Apart from the fact that this virtual currency only appeared in 2009, its popularity has grown enormously.

Those who bought Bitcoin in 2009 have increased their capital like never before. 1,300 BTC cost 1€ in 2009, where in 2013, 1 BTC cost over 1,000€! Then the price dropped. In 2016, the price ranged between 450€ and 750€ per 1 BTC. In 2017, €3,500 and then this year over €40,000!

Bitcoin casinos in Canada

Today, any gambling site that uses fiat and cryptocurrency or only cryptocurrency for deposits and payouts can be called a Bitcoin Casino. In Canada, most merchants have already started using BTC for cash transactions. A bookmaker that also uses BTC falls into this category of casino.

The tremendous growth of BTC has made people, even those far from gambling, think that by playing for bitcoins they can make really good money. Most casinos offer their customers a choice of whether to play cryptocurrency or fiat. Those who play for Canadian dollars or USD are allowed to exchange their winnings for BTC. Meanwhile, the user must have their own unique bitcoin wallet to do so.

Since 1 bitcoin is a big amount now (not like in 2010 when it was just a few cents), the casinos use a term like mBTC, which is 0.001 bitcoin. Actually, those who know about cryptocurrency calculate in “Satoshi” 0.00000001 BTC. This name comes from the name of the mysterious inventor of the first cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto.

BTC-casino workflow

Actually, every Bitcoin casino works like traditional casinos that use fiat money for money transactions. Everything is the same, unless we are talking about a special cryptocurrency wallet that needs to be created and registered before a person decides to register at the casino. When a person wins, the prize (in mBTC) goes to this wallet.

The player chooses the same slots and games as fiat players. However, some casinos in Canada that use cryptocurrency offer so-called “bitcoin games.” These can be slot machines or table games (here it all depends on the casino’s choice).

In addition, some sellers attract newcomers with bitcoin jackpots. These are the biggest possible winnings in the history of online gambling. Some of these jackpots can be as high as 500 BTC!

When the game is over and the player knows he has won, the prize goes into his internal wallet. The player then has the right to transfer this money to his personal wallet. Meanwhile, some casinos have restrictions on withdrawals. Therefore, it would be great if the newcomer first read everything about this point.

Bitcoin gambling in Canada

All signs point to Bitcoin being here to stay in the online gambling world. There are a large number of benefits it offers the industry. Some of them include quick and easy transfers, pseudo-anonymity and less restrictive rules.

As new cryptocurrencies emerge every day, we can expect even more benefits for the gaming industry. If you’ve considered playing with Canadian Bitcoin casinos, we can safely say it’s a great move. It has taken online gaming to the next level in terms of both user experience and profits. Not only will you have the chance to win higher amounts of money, but you’ll be able to do so in a casino that functions seamlessly.

Gambling in Canada

Canada is known for its tolerant attitude towards many issues, including gambling. Casinos have been legal in Canada since 1999. Around this time, the government issued legislation and created the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, as well as gambling commissions in the provinces.

Compared with other countries with legalized casinos Canada cannot be called a gambling capital. Still, gambling there is quite successful.

As of 2016, the following gambling establishments are operating in Canada:

  • 114 casinos;
  • 12 horse racing tracks;
  • 1 bookmaker’s office;
  • 8 bingo halls.

The provinces of Alberta and Ontario have the most casinos - 31 and 32 establishments, respectively. The smallest are in Yukon and Newfoundland, Labrador and Prince Edward Islands. One casino each is open in these states.

Gambling laws in Canada

Gambling in Canada is controlled by sections 204, 206 and 207 of the Criminal Code. These are the principle provisions from which other, more detailed bills are created at the local provincial level.

  • Article 204 defines the rules governing the regulation of horse racing and betting on it;
  • Article 206 defines a list of prohibited gambling games and activities;
  • Article 207 defines a list of permitted gambling games and activities. Thanks to this provision, each province can establish its own lotteries and supervise gambling activities.

Gambling regulation depends on the provinces. There are 13 states in the country and each state has its own peculiarities of legislation and gambling business.

Peculiarities of gambling in Canadian provinces

Since the legislative provisions of the provinces are different, the gambling business itself is characterized differently. In some provinces you can play from 18 years old, in others - from 19. Somewhere only lotteries are allowed, and somewhere - full-fledged casinos, betting and horse racing.

Below is a brief description of gambling in selected Canadian provinces:

  • Alberta - the age limit is 18 years old. Casino gambling, lotteries and betting are allowed;
  • British Columbia - casinos, horse racing betting, bingo and lotteries, slot machines are available from age 19. There is a legal BCLC-Lottery Corporation of British Columbia portal;
  • Labrador - games are available from age 19. Offline and online lotteries are legal, as well as horse racing. As for online lotteries, only the state lottery, which is hosted by the province, is allowed;
  • Manitoba - the age limit is 18 years old. The province operates casinos, lotteries and horse racing sweepstakes;
  • Newfoundland - you can gamble from age 19 with betting on horse races. Offline lotteries are also allowed. Online lottery - provincial only;
  • Northwest Territories - age 19 only and state lottery only;
  • Nova Scotia - age limit from 19. Casinos, bookmakers, offline lotteries and the state online lottery operate;
  • Ontario - gaming available from age 19, casinos, bookmakers, and lotteries operate in the territory. Online lottery from the province is allowed;
  • Prince Edward Island - playable from age 19. An interesting feature is rasino, a hybrid of a casino and a betting game. Private lotteries and the state online lottery are allowed;
  • Quebec - the age limit is 18. Several online and offline lotteries, poker rooms, casinos and horse racing sweepstakes operate;
  • Saskatchewan - gaming is legal from age 19. Online lotteries from the province are legalized, as are offline lotteries, casinos, bookmakers and racinos;
  • Yukon - gambling is available from age 19. Public and private lotteries are allowed, as well as non-profit casinos.

History of gambling in Canada

When the pioneers of Canada were exploring the local lands in the 15th century, they found that the local tribes were playing a range of gambling activities. These activities carried great spiritual and mystical significance. Therefore, gambling was far from new to the lands of Canada.

The same pioneers from England brought with them a long-standing ban on gambling. King Richard the Third of England banned them outright as early as 1380, realizing that his soldiers were spending too much time gambling.

In 1892, the Canadian Criminal Code once again updated the complete prohibition. Then gradually the laws began to soften. Bingo and raffles were allowed in 1900 for charitable purposes. In 1969, the government realized that lotteries could be a profitable business for the government.

The first lottery of its kind was held in 1974 to finance the Montreal Olympics.

Taxation of winnings in Canada

Canada also does not collect taxes on winnings, including in bitcoins, unless they are designated as a form of earnings. Earnings from winnings under Canadian law differ in three things:

  • The availability of special skills;
  • the regularity of the payout;
  • The expectation of subsequent payouts.

That is, taxes can be collected from professional poker players, and should not be collected from those who play for their own pleasure. So, if you win bitcoins in casino for your own pleasure - you don’t need to pay taxes.

Gambling Statistics in Canada

Below are the statistics for gambling establishments in Canada as of 2021-2022.

There are 136 bingo areas. Of these, the most establishments are in the province of Ontario - 75.

The total number of casinos in Canada is more than 100. An interesting feature: in contrast to the United States, there are far fewer Indian tribes involved in casinos. In the United States, legal gambling can be done only on Indian reservations or on floating casinos.

Canada, on the other hand, solves this issue more easily. That is why Indians have fewer casinos here. For example, there are only 17 casinos in British Columbia, of which only one is on an Indian reservation. The most casinos are in the province of Alberta - 24 institutions.

Canada has a separate category of gambling establishments - the so-called Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM). These include, for example, bars, lounges with interactive terminals, bingo halls and slots. Most of these institutions are located in Quebec - 1854 such points. It is worth noting that the vast majority of establishments with EGMs are bars.

There are establishments that provide electronic keno. The province of British Columbia boasts the largest number of such outlets - 3,633.

The most horse tracks are in Ontario, with 87 establishments. Of these:

  • 66 televisions;
  • 17 large tracks;
  • 4 small ones.

Lottery outlets are most common in Ontario - 9,820 places where you can buy lottery tickets. Quebec is not far behind with 8,524 outlets. Lottery ticket outlets are the most common in Canada. They are in every province, even in those with the strictest laws.

The biggest number of establishments where you can play poker is in the province of British Columbia. There are 17 poker rooms there.

Establishments dedicated strictly to sports betting are found only in Ontario - as many as two outlets. In other provinces there are none at all.

Canada’s most gambling provinces

According to the final figures Quebec takes the first place - there are 10448 gambling establishments, from bingo to poker rooms. If you consider that Quebec has a population of more than 6 million people, there is 1 establishment for every 634 people.

Second place goes to Ontario. The province has 9992 gambling establishments. That means 1 establishment for every 1,086 people.

The third place is occupied by British Columbia - 3,818 establishments or 1 establishment per 980 people.

The least number of gambling establishments is in Prince Edward Island - only 214 gambling establishments.

The highest “density” of gambling establishments are on Newfoundland and Labrador Islands: one establishment for 318 people.

The most common games in Canada

Most common are interactive terminals and electronic gaming machines (EGM). Ontario has the most of these machines, with 2,218.

Other games include:

  • lottery ticket machines - found only in Ontario;
  • electronic bingo;
  • electronic and offline card tables;
  • Internet games.

British Columbia boasts the largest number of electronic bingo machines - 4,069.

The largest number of electronic and offline card tables is in Ontario, at 1,101.

Special mention should be made of Internet gambling. Not all provinces are allowed. For example, Internet gambling is not available in provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. The other provinces consider it legal.

The concept of Internet gambling in Canada includes:

  • instant scratch cards;
  • lotteries;
  • bingo
  • casino slots;
  • board games;
  • ingenio;
  • poker;
  • sports betting;
  • video poker.

Each province allows a different set of Internet games. In British Columbia, for example, only Ingenio is banned. In Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, only scratch cards, lotteries and bingo are allowed.

The province of Alberta holds the most charitable gambling licenses - 15,055. It should be noted that these licenses generally include only those organizations whose sales revenue is more than USD 10,000. The exceptions are Nova Scotia, Ontario and Manitoba.

Gambling in modern Canada

As of 2016, the gambling business in Canada is doing quite well. As already mentioned, there are 114 casinos, 12 horse tracks, 1 bookmaker’s office and 8 bingo halls.

Canadian casinos contain 1,776 card game tables, 220 poker tables, 57,150 slot machines. Many casinos in Canada are not inferior to American institutions in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

The province of Ontario has the most casinos. There are 32 gambling establishments, 666 card tables, 26022 slot machines and video poker.

Founding of the casino

The casino was first established in 2014 and is now a platform that supports casino games, live dealer games and sports betting.

It is owned by Nexus Group Enterprises Casino. The founders of this offering have more than two decades of experience in the gaming industry. Their goal was to put together an offering that combines all of their inclinations in addition to the most enjoyable aspects of the space under one roof.

This offering has many unique aspects: the casino also offers binary options trading in addition to their traditional gambling. There is also a cryptocurrency betting system called AnyBet. Along with these innovative aspects, there are also leading casino games from some of the best developers today.

In terms of licensing, the casino is overseen by a licensing authority. The casino sees itself as the highest quality cryptocurrency gaming platform to date. Let’s see if they meet that requirement.

Bitcoin casino offer Canada

There are many different games and slots available at online cryptocurrency casinos. All of these casino games and slots can be played for free and you can also bet money on a line.

For slots players, there are hundreds of different options to choose from. You’ll find a great mix of slot types on offer, from classics to jackpots, video slots and 3D slots.

Some of the game developers with titles at Casino include Microgaming, Playson, Yggdrasil, Quickspin, Betsoft, Play’n GO and Pragmatic Play. New titles are regularly added all the time. There are a total of 32 jackpot slots to choose from. At the time of writing, the slot with the highest jackpot belonged to Diamond Wild with a jackpot of over 734 BTC or approximately $6.8 million.

In terms of table games, you will be spoiled for choice. There are 58 different blackjack options that you can play. They vary in different ways, with high-limit and multi-hand options offered.

For roulette lovers, there are 39 different options to choose from. This allows you to filter through the different options, test them out and determine which ones are best for your specific needs.

Video poker fans can play 80 different options, including leading games like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. Fans of scratch cards also have more than a dozen different options, for which more specialized types of games like Keno, Baccarat, Saper and Casino Poker are well suited.

With this casino offering, you’re really spoiled for choice.

The casino offers

In all, you have 19 live dealer roulette options to choose from. Some of the most popular options are the turbo option and automatic roulette. There are four live dealer baccarat options, six live poker dealer versions and, surprisingly, only three blackjack options. There is also the option to try out a live Wheel of Fortune game, as well as several specials such as Dice, Top Card and Lucky 7.

When you enter the respective live dealer lobbies, you can see what betting limits exist and how many players are at a given table.


Like most online gambling sites, there is a welcome offer for those new players who sign up at the casino.

This will depend on what type of account you open. At an online casino, the no deposit bonus is 25 free spins after registering a new account.

There is no need to make a deposit to get these spins. The winnings on these slots must be bet at least 40 times and the potential winnings are 50 mBTS. There is also a first deposit bonus that you can take advantage of. This allows you to get a 110% bonus on your first deposit, up to a maximum bonus of 1.5 BTC or the equivalent in one of the supported altcoins.

You will also receive 250 free spins as part of this offer. To take advantage of this offer, you will need to deposit at least 0.002 BTC. You have 14 days to meet the x40 betting requirements before the bonus funds expire.

The maximum wager you can make with the bonus funds and still meet the contribution requirements is 0.0014 BTC. For free spins, you will need to deposit at least 0.05 BTC to activate this part of the offer. You will receive 25 free spins daily after you deposit at least 100% of your slot machine deposit.

In general, the size of the first deposit bonus is ideal, and people always like getting no deposit bonuses. The wagering requirements are pretty standard in the online casino space, and you can deposit large amounts and still take advantage of an offer that is perfect.

If you sign up for a sports betting account, there is another type of welcome bonus. You will get x2 your first sports bet as a free bet up to a maximum free bet of 10 mBTS.

You will be able to keep your winnings from this free bet, but not from the wager. Note that you can only take advantage of one of these welcome bonuses, whether it’s the online casino welcome bonus or the sportsbook.

Regular promotions and loyalty program

To keep regular casino users happy, there are always regular promotions to reward these people for their loyalty to the platform. Once you receive a deposit bonus at an online casino, you can take advantage of deposit bonuses for future deposits.

Certain days of the week will have their own specific offers and offers. For example, Wednesdays have a 0.7% dice advantage.

There are also monthly cashback offers and daily payouts for those who play casino games. For the bookmaker, there are offers for betting insurance and refunds, which will be updated on a regular basis. For those players who use frequently, they can benefit from the site’s loyalty program. This program consists of six levels.

They range from Bronze level to VIP level. The benefits will increase with the level you reach. This is exactly the increase in the cashback bonus, reaching a rate of 20% for the VIP level. As you move up the levels, the reload bonus and milestone bonus also increase.

There are even three weekly rewards for players who have been the most unsuccessful during the week, as well as rewards for the most active players in chat during the week.

Once you verify your casino account, you’ll be enrolled in the site’s loyalty program. You will earn reward points for every wager you place on the platform.

You will progress through the levels by earning a certain number of loyalty points over a certain period. This casino loyalty program is quite good and offers significant incentives to those players who use the platform frequently.

Payment Methods

Since the casino is a crypto casino, all payment methods are naturally different forms of cryptocurrency.

Some online casinos will have a mix between fiat and cryptocurrency payments, but ours dips into the deep end. You can use the following option to add funds to your account or make withdrawals:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Zcash
  • Tron
  • Dash
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Monero

Processing time will depend on the payment method you choose, but for the most part all transactions will be processed in less than an hour. There is a minimum withdrawal requirement instead of 0.002 BTC, but there is no limit to the maximum withdrawal you can make. Obviously, instant withdrawals are a huge advantage, as many competitors take sometimes several business days for withdrawals to be processed.

If you have some knowledge of how to send and receive cryptocurrencies, you’ll feel right at home with the payment methods


The casino is licensed for gambling by Curacao. This body ensures that the gaming offered through the casino is fair and completely transparent.

Because cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are used for transactions, you do not need to provide any financial or personal information when you register for an account.

Despite this natural data shield, the platform is also protected using SSL encryption technology. This means that any existing account information will be properly encrypted.

In terms of game fairness and randomness, in addition to regulatory controls, the platform uses the standard of provable fairness, which is popular in crypto gambling, to ensure that everything in terms of game offerings is above all else. At the casino, you have the option to initially check the FAQ section if you have certain problems or concerns. This will solve a lot of simple questions you may have.

Otherwise, you can contact a member of the support staff.

The live chat feature is monitored around the clock, which is ideal for simpler questions that can be resolved quickly.

Ease of use

Casino Canada is one of the most attractive gaming platforms you’ll encounter. The graphics are clear, crisp and original. The color scheme allows the text to really pop off the page. You’re also not overwhelmed by too much information, which is ideal.

In terms of the navigation system, everything is clearly displayed in the menus and you don’t run into too many different options. The speed of the platform is also of high quality.

In terms of the sportsbook, casino and live casino. Once again, the layout is very clear and concise. There are matching graphics next to each of the menu items that allow you to quickly see what sports are offered. You can also use the search bar to quickly find what you are looking for. For the casino, it has one of the best filtering systems you’ll see. You can switch between all the different types of slots, as well as with other games on sale. There is also the ability to filter by their developer’s games, as well as features in those games such as high limits, jackpots and free spins.

The same level of quality is maintained if you play on a mobile device. The games have been scaled down for a smaller screen, but the graphics are still crisp and smooth. The instant play features are perfect for those who want to quickly start playing their favorite casino games with minimal effort.

In a live casino, your live dealer games will be streamed in HD quality, and you’ll feel like you’re sitting at a table in the flesh. Overall, the usability of the casino is virtually unparalleled.


As you have seen, there are many quality aspects to the offerings.

The online casino, live casino and sports betting are all top notch. The selection of different markets and games is staggering, offering the best developers. You also have access to significant welcome bonus offers and ongoing promotions, especially when making deposits.

The security of the platform is very good, as you don’t have to provide personal information when registering, and all transactions are conducted using one of the various supported cryptocurrencies.

The platform is very well designed and works very well across the board. Customer service is also well-trained, so any queries can be resolved quickly.

Overall, this crypto casino is great for all types of online players, except for real online poker players.

The size of the deposit bonuses and the huge selection of games make the Casino worth your time and money.

What’s in store for BTC casinos?

Perhaps the future of these casinos won’t just be about bitcoins. Since the time when the first and mainstream cryptocurrency appeared on the market, so-called altcoins (alternative coins) have been invented. They too show volatility, but most of them are gaining momentum. Monero, Zcash, Litecoin, Dash, Binance Coin are still very popular and some cryptocurrencies like to use them. They are cheaper than BTC; so sometimes it is more profitable for the player to play with these altcoins.

In addition, Ethereum with its smart contracts can offer a great alternative to Bitcoin casinos. These smart contracts have their own advantages, and they can be very attractive for both casinos and players. Perhaps soon we will see online gambling houses implement these “smart contracts” and make their gambling operations more efficient than ever.

How did we select these Bitcoin casino Canada?

As all our casinos, we assign criteria for selecting online providers that offer BTC. Our aim is to provide an up-to-date choice of Bitcoin casinos subject to certain criteria. Strict criteria that allow us to follow a consistent line selecting all these platforms. Based on it, we assign a score by weighting each of the criteria so we can offer you rank system.

Brand Min deposit Bonus
0.01 mBT
300% welcome bonus
150% welcome bonus
Up to €500/5BTC bonus
1.00 $
100% welcome bonus

To give you a better idea of these criteria, we have decided to offer you our best choice for selecting and evaluating our online establishments. These best online casinos that offers bitcoin payouts. Some examples:

  • 💰 The amount of the bonus: Bonuses and other promotions offered by the online casino are important elements to consider choosing a brand. The higher the amount, the more it is rated as an interesting casino by our services.
  • 🎰 The content offered by Bitcoin Casino: A gaming library with plenty of content is always appreciated by our services. In fact, players often look for a unique establishment that allows them to use only one site;
  • ✅ The mobile version: It is hard to imagine casino without the mobile gaming. This mode available for users.
  • 🔎 The variety of game providers: One game provider does not cover the entire development of the operator Crypto Casino.
  • 💯 The seniority of the relevant Bitcoin casino operator: It is clear that an interface that has proven the effectiveness of its services work better than others. These interfaces of crypto casino, which have several years of work in them, usually offer their players a quality service;
  • 📑 The legality of a gambling licence: This document, issued by the organisations responsible for the development of Bitcoin Casino providers, ensures recognition at the legal level Crypto Casino. This criterion online is almost indispensable, as its absence may mean illegality of the content offered.

Depending on the value of the selected Bitcoin Casino criterion, each of them is assigned a weighted score Crypto Casino with a coefficient. It allows to be accurately assessed the value of a Canadian online site. With the exception of the last criterion (the legality), other are analysed to determine whether the establishment has earned its place in our top online establishments offering payments in BTC or has not.

Our opinion about the best Bitcoin casino in Canada 2022: 1xbit

1xbit awards

Analyzing all the Bitcoin casinos that offer payouts of such kinds, we could identify one major player that ranks as the best Bitcoin casino in 2022. Why such a confident choice of crypto casino? Here are some elements that confirm that 1xbit holds the most successful bitcoin casino offers for money withdrawal such as:

1xbit Promo Code: 1xb_14196
  • ✔ more than 1200 games: Slots, blackjack or roulette, all classic games are presented to you on the site;

  • ✔ Withdrawals in 1 day: this system has a great advantage which allows you to make your withdrawals within just one day. Other payment tools have a period between 5 or 7 days;

  • ✔ 15 providers: all the major publishers of the market are presented! From the giant Betsoft to the pioneer Microgaming. You can surely find the popular options that you are looking for in the provider category.

These benefits are just examples, however 1xbit offers much more. In particular, the Bitcoin Casino operator offers you 4 available languages, all og them are regulated by the recognised legacy of Curacao. In other words, it is currently the best operator that offers Bitcoin payments. Do not hesitate to sign up and start playing with the operator's numerous games!

offer 1xbit

  • 🥇 1xBit is best Bitcoin casino Canada in 2022: one of the main companies in the European anonymous bitcoin casino sector, integrated more than 8 gaming software. This platform gives you an exclusive welcome bonus of 2 BTC. Grab this bonus and make your bets to ensure win more;
  • 🥈 Cbet: Certified by the judicial authorities of Curaçao, this platform offers you a range of games which bets are placed in virtual currency. A site that offers you no less than $500 welcome bonus for you. A bonus that can be converted into BTC as part of your wagers;
  • 🥉 FastPay Casino: the Crypto Casino is offering you a prestigious game library with more than 1700 contents. FastPay Casino offers you a welcome bonus of $360 and 20 Mega Spins. An interesting offer that you should definitely;
  • 🎉 BitStarz: As the name suggests, platform strives to offer payments in cryptocurrencies. A payout is accompanied by a 5BTC welcome bonus and 200 free spins that you receive. An unmissable offer if you are looking for this payment system in BTC;
  • 🎊 PlayAmo: casino operator of the famous publisher: Real Time Gaming, whose game has a Bitcoin deposit on online casino. 300 $ + and 20 free spins accompany your registration if you decide to make your bets on 1xbit. This nnovative company crypto casino cares about what players want!

The best Bitcoin casino in Canada for mobile gaming

It would be a mistake for a Canadian Bitcoin Casino to keep up with technology with virtual currency games but not developing a mobile Bitcoin Casino interface.

This is why it is so important to be able to play Bitcoin casino in Canada on mobile phone or tablet and get the best crypto casino option. The reason is that almost all of these casinos have made умукнерштп to be at the forefront of smartphone gambling Crypto Casino. Therefore, they have created a version of their best online casino that is adapted to all screens, as well as apps which are easy to use.

How can you use your Bitcoins in a Best Bitcoin Casino?

Whether you are a curious player or a regular best bitcoin casino canadian depositor, you may have some doubts or questions about using this cryptocurrency. How to make a first deposit at Bitcoin Casino? Or even how to cash out your earnings in BTC and Ethereum? To answer all of your questions about Crypto Casino, we collect all the useful information below.

Reasons to choose gambling in Canada

In Canada, there have always been conditions for the development of any casino in the online format. Gambling affiliate companies initially had the opportunity to conduct unimpeded advertising of their brands. In addition, Canadians themselves are very active fans.

The main reasons for an arbitrator to choose this state:

  • high gambling envelope - reg2dep 1l9-10; click2reg 1k4-5;

  • approximate profit of players in the online system is over $74,000;

  • over 80% of the local adult population participates in online gambling;
  • more than 3% of Canadians (with a total population of over 36 million) have a real gambling addiction;
  • The average age of gamblers is 34-35 years old;
  • More than 75% of Canadians believe that any online gambling is completely safe for the budget.

Of course, because Canada is not too densely populated, it is difficult to compare it to Las Vegas. Nevertheless, there are many options for players here to earn online casino money.

Bitcoin Casino Guide: Bitcoin casino experiences and casino games with BTC

While the variety of money games at Bitcoin Casino Canada mobile may not be the same as what you would find in usual casino, none of the other features are missing. You will be able to create an account, credit to it, play and withdraw it from the app. Also, please, note that players who run out of BTC in their wallet usually have the option of using another payment method, such as credit cards or prepaid tickets, in what is called a "hybrid" casino.

From a smartphone, there is also nothing to stop you from using the Bitcoin casino canadian bonuses and offers. The full range of promotions will generally be available on both versions. The second advantage in crypto casino that we have found interesting is the games which offered by 1xBit Casino. Despite the lack of an app, 1xBit Casino offers a perfect version. The design is completely similar and has no problems in customisation. Navigation is fast and pages are displayed within milliseconds. These arguments are for mobile players who are used to use their smartphone to play and pay in Bitcoins.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has a unique structure comparing to regular ways of payment. As a currency in its own right, cryptocurrencies are a whole different game. Although, BTC is not accepted by all online casinos, it has special advantages for online casino games comparing to other payment methods.

  • The low transaction costs: BTC transactions are virtually fee-free and certainly have much lower transaction costs than even VISA payments. Thanks to the blockchain technology of the transactions, there are minimal costs.
  • Fast transaction speeds: Transactions are processed quickly and verified in seconds so there is no delay (whether it is a deposit or a withdrawal at an online casino). In the worst case, it only takes a few minutes to get money in your account.
  • Complete anonymity: Transactions on the blockchain are completely anonymous, which is an advantage especially for players who want to remain discreet. No one can track the transactions back to you and there are no paper trails on bank statements. Even your bank will not know that you are playing online. It is 100% anonymous and significantly more anonymous than any other payment method.
  • A low risk of collapse: If the 2008 financial crisis taught us anything, that even the biggest banks can collapse. As a standalone currency backed by a network of miners and other market participants, this is a risk that we can not imagine. If you use BTC for gambling transactions, you can be sure that there is no risk of a network collapse.
  • To make it easier for you to compare the different operators, a rating has been assigned. We have selected the operators only with the best Bitcoin casino bonuses, as we believe this is one of the most important aspects of finding in 2022. We also want to ensure you that each Crypto Casino selected here has an high level of security.

    It is also necessary for the casinos to be able to validate Bitcoin withdrawals quickly and with the modern security standards. Here you will find the most progressive ones that allow you to withdraw your winnings in less than 48 hours. As a result of the above, we have been able to make a casino list that we believe are the best with a good service in terms of virtual currency withdrawals.

    Due to many companies offer this type of payment, it is difficult to choose, but we have finally selected a few companies that are particularly effective. Without many words, discover our selection of the Canadian online casino brands we trust the most. A selection suggest you bonuses that can be relatively interesting for a first-time sign-up.

    What are the advantages of Bitcoin casinos for canadian players?

    There are several reasons why more and more players are turning to virtual canadian Bitcoin casinos.

    Until now, the fairness of slot machine was based on the trust of players. Thanks to the Provably Fair algorithm, the fairness of Bitcoin Casino games is now guaranteed and verifiable at all times. The code lines are stored infinitely and contain the results of every draw on every game. It makes impossible to hack and manipulate with Иitcoin casino. Also, it ensures that you are playing a real game that really gives you a chance!

    The reason, why operators are now attracting more and more lovers of online casino Bitcoin in Canada, is in lower margin. In fact, payouts can be up to 2% higher than traditional operators. This may seem like not to much, but it has a significant impact on players' bankrolls.

    Bitcoin Casino Canada vs other payment methods

    Bitcoin is fundamentally different from all other payment methods that you come across. First, BTC is a currency in its own right, like the euro or the dollar. The value is determined by exchange rates, just like any other currency.

    Transactions are processed via a Bitcoin wallet, which has some similarity to a normal e-wallet. You must first buy BTC or have a Bitcoin balance before you can use the currency to play. Usually this is a straightforward process and most players will hold some money in Bitcoin as an investment anyway, as well as use it to fund their gambling activities.

    When you receive your payouts, they are also sent to your Bitcoin wallet as transactions. If you hold this money in BTC and the value of the market rises, your profits could even increase in value over time. Or, if you want to cash out your BTC in local currency, you can sell it on an exchange and transfer the money back to your bank account. Everything is without paperwork in online casinos.

    The fees and transaction costs are lower, the security and anonymity of transactions is higher than with traditional payment method, and Bitcoin investments have the potential to increase over time. It makes Bitcoin an interesting alternative for players who want to take advantage of these new opportunities in online gambling.

    How can I deposit money in a canadian Bitcoin casinos?

    Funding your casino account with Bitcoin is a slightly different process to the one you would normally use for deposits.

    • First, you need to have Bitcoin in your wallet. If you do not have any, you will need to buy some of them in your local currency.
    • Then you need to get the login details for the casino's Bitcoin wallet, which you can use to send the money from your BTC wallet to the online casino. There is also an online form that you need to fill out to describe your payment in the usual way, where you can choose how much you want to send.

    In recent years, a number of secure casinos have emerged that allow players from all over the world to deposit in Bitcoin on their interface, so you can have fun playing games without having to handle euros or any other traditional currency. Do not worry, playing on virtual currency tokens crypto casino does not require any computer skills or economic knowledge. All you need to do is:

    • Create an anonymous electronic wallet that can hold Bitcoin Crypto Casino by using a specialised platform online casino Bitcoin such as or
    • Once the wallet is created at Bitcoin Casino, you can receive BTC by buying them from sites such as Spicepay or Coinbase.
    • Once the Bitcoin wallet is loaded, go to make a deposit using the "Bitcoin payment method". You can then use your cryptocurrency at the various casino games. You can also withdraw your winnings back to your e-wallet in Bitcoins Crypto Casino.
    • As you can see, using a best Bitcoin casino could not be easier and more profitable.

    Once you have made the transaction, it is verified in the blockchain as usual and then updated in the casinos Bitcoin wallet. Shortly after, the money is credited to your online gambling account. Then you can start winning money.

    Depositing into your account with BTC is one of those things that becomes much more enjoyable the second time around. The first time it may feel more difficult than when you use other payment methods, but it is just as easy as other methods.

    Are there any fees for deposits and withdrawals?

    In most cases, there are no fees when you deposit your BTC at the chosen online casino. Most casinos also allow free withdrawals, but some charge fees - 2% seems to be the average.

    It is up to you to research which casinos allow free deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin, or if you are able to accept these relatively small fees for the transaction process. If you consider that you often have to pay fees with other payment methods, this should not be a big problem - even if you pay a small fee at your chosen Bitcoin casino.

    Can I cash out my winnings with Bitcoins?

    Sure you can! You can easily withdraw your winnings in BTC, and in fact, this is often the only payment method for withdrawals supported by certain Bitcoin casinos. Withdrawals work just like deposits, only the other way around. Simply request your withdrawal in your BTC e-wallet, wait for the processing time and then choose whether you want to keep your winnings, spend them or convert them into the local currency.

    bitcoins casino withdrawal

    Withdrawing money may seem like a technical term and it may discourage you from using this currency. However, you should know that cryptocurrencies at Bitcoin Casino work in the same way as traditional payment methods. Once you have created your account anonymous, all you have to do is follow these standard withdrawal steps that apply to all operators:

    • Go to your new online casino accepting BTC;
    • Click on the "Personal Info" section in your account;
    • Go to the "Withdraw From" button;
    • Select the "Bitcoin" payment method;
    • Enter the amount you want to withdraw;
    • Wait the specified time at Btc Casino to get your money back!

    You could be sensitive to exchange rates, and one of the main drawbacks of Bitcoin remains the volatility of the market. One day prices can shoot up, while the next day they can lose a significant percentage of their value. So exchange rate risk is something to keep in mind when converting your BTC withdrawals back into your local currency. Although, most investors expect the market continue to rise in the medium term.

    The best bonuses at Bitcoin Casinos

    In this comprehensive Bitcoin casino review, we also wanted to tell you all about the best bonuses. As with traditional, Bitcoins casino will always try to give players gifts. The best Bitcoin Casino 2022 will certainly be the most generous in terms of bonuses!

    bonuses bitcoin casino

    Bitcoin Casino offer not only attractive welcome bonuses, but also regular promotions such as deposit bonuses, free spins on slots or a cash offer in euros and converted directly into Bitcoins. There are some examples of good bonuses offered by establishments in this category:

    Therefore, to make your life easier, the good operators convert their offers for you into the actual currency and into the virtual currency in the form of DBTC tenths of BTC or CBTC hundredths of Bitcoin.

    Finally, you should know that when you join the Bitcoin Casino Bitcoin community, you do not have to miss out on promotions and VIP programmes. If you are lucky enough to join one of these high roller clubs, you will get bonuses.

    In this regard, it is clear that the best bonus offered to players is the Crypto Casino promotion offered by Crypto Fair Play. In fact, for information, one BTC is now equal to €9,000 after conversion. That is €45,000 that can be obtained via 5 separate payments. We will let you imagine the possibilities you will have after using this cryptocurrency. A platform that offers no less than 1,200 games, so you have a lot of online bitcoin casino to bet on while trying to win the biggest jackpots.

    Are there any Bitcoin casinos that offer bonuses?

    Of course there are! Casinos that offer Bitcoin deposits often have bonuses and use them in the same way as other casinos to attract new players and encourage them to make that all-important first deposit. The beauty of bonuses is that in most cases the casino does not have to go to the same lengths to verify your identity.

    bitstarz casino welcome bonus

    This is especially important if you want to cash out your money, but it is still a great benefit of Bitcoin bonuses over and above the normal casino bonus you are used to.

    The best providers to play with Bitcoins

    In this Bitcoin Casino world of blockchain and crypto payments, you will also have the opportunity to play live games against real dealers. You will be presented with various games ranging from classic blackjack to the famous roulette. As with the bonuses presented above, there are also good providers where you can enjoy exclusive live content Crypto Casino. Among these sites that offer exclusive live services, three in particular caught our eye. They are these big names:

    Although, we think Canada is only famous for its apologises, casino merkur, the Canadian Merkur online casino software provider is also in the top. The company's first products appeared over 50 years ago and since then dozens of land-based and online slots have been released.
    Novoline is a developer of novoline casino canadian games. It works for both land-based casinos and novoline online casino. It has been presented in the world of iGaming for over 30 years, which gives it a solid experience, although it is not really well known. It has already designed about 100 slots. He has already worked with many operators.
    Although, there are many providers of Bally Wulff online casino games that are very well known and loved by millions of players, there are some gaming companies that stay on the background and are not so well known. They are not bad providers Bally Wulff Casino, they are just small, young, do not spend budget on advertising or simply do not have so many games to show to the public.
    • 🥇 1xBit - Best Bitcoin Casino 2022: certainly the company can offer you the most live content. The platform offers 5 different types of games that can be played. From Sic Bo to live Baccarat, you are spoilt for choice.
    • 🥈 FastPay Bitcoin Casino: The cbet platform juggles roulette games and blackjack content offered in a live format, as well as providing content offered in a live format. Games that will be accessible using any payment in anonymous Bitcoins Crypto Casino.

    Perfectly assumed decisions that lead us to put the operator 1xBit in first place. Why 1x Bit? It is very simple, the platform offers games until now very little distributed. "Betting Games ™", "Dragon Tiger ™" or "Baccarat Sic Bo ™", categories that show a willingness to innovate of the operator. A way to get away from the usual paths littered with "Blackjack" or "Roulette" type content. A triple advantage that combines Bitcoins Crypto Casino payments, a variety of content and a sense of innovation. A well-deserved top spot for 1xBit Casino.

    Look out for these tips and tricks at Bitcoin casinos

    So it's obvious that BTC is mainstream right now. Something that is different from what you'd expect with other, more traditional payment methods. It's not for everyone, and there are some notable drawbacks to funding your account with Bitcoin.

    • Experimental currency: BTC is not a stable currency, and even establish a consistent value for Bitcoin is difficult. The currency is still in its early stages and therefore you can expect volatile price fluctuations, even within a single trading session. While the currency is perfectly stable enough to use, the experimental nature of BTC will still prove to be a barrier for some online gamblers.
    • Cryptocurrencies are untraceable: Bitcoin is completely untraceable and anonymous. While this is an advantage for some, it can also be a disadvantage for people whose payments are lost or not reflected in your gaming account. Unfortunately, this is still a bit of a risk to trade Bitcoin, as it basically does not have the paper trail, which can be helpful for the player in some cases.
    • Strong hacking possibilities: As BTC is a purely digital currency, it raises the possibility of hacking risks. Of course, it also exist with e-wallets and other forms of online payments, but they are perhaps an even more acute threat to those who transact with BTC.


    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could change the face of the financial world in the future. Central banks around the world are already seriously exploring the possibility of making their currencies fully digital, which would undoubtedly follow Bitcoin's lead. At the same time, Bitcoin itself is benefiting from its growing trend, increased investor activity and a growing drive to regulate Bitcoin markets and entrench them in mainstream investment circles.

    For online gambling, it is one of the newest ways to fund your account and receive payouts. Features like anonymity and decentralised verification make it a robust way to move your money online And with the possibility of withdrawals, there's another good reason to choose Bitcoin for your next gambling experience at online casinos rather than the usual credit cards, debit cards or e-wallets.

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