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best eth casinos canada

Ethereum casinos are online sites where you can play with the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH).

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Wetten in Ethereum Casino

Payment Methods
Up to $2000/5BTC bonus
Ratings: 127
  1. 20 Free spins no deposit
  2. 100% up to $400 or 1BTC + 180 Free Spins (upon deposit)
  3. 50% up to $400 or 1 BTC
  4. 50% up to $800 or 2 BTC
  5. 100% up to $400 or 1 BTC
Ratings: 54
Sum at least 1.00 CAD, REAL-TIME BETS 24/7
Ratings: 43
UP TO €1000
Ratings: 29
First deposit - 125% up to €125 (BONUS CODE: ZBWEL125)
1500 EUR + 150 FS
Ratings: 34
Up to 7 BTC!
Ratings: 125
Minimum: 0.01 mBT,
Easy registration process,
Instant no-fee deposits and withdrawals
Up to 0.010 BTC!
Ratings: 64
0.010 BTC Bonus
Payment with CAD
325% + 150 free spins
Ratings: 23
PLAY WITH 325% BONUS + 150 Free Spins
English interface only
Up to 0.01 BTC
Ratings: 53
Immediate payment,
min €10, max €4000,
Payment with CAD
€300 + 150 Freispiele
Ratings: 20
Immediate payment, min €20, max €4000, Payment with CAD

We are up to date and find it interesting to talk about Ethereum, or ETH. After all, Ethereum Casinos always end up absorbing any new technology that can be implemented. In this case, they have adopted more and more of this new payment method. Below you will find the Ethereum casinos where you can play.

Bitcoin appeared in 2009 and represented a radical change in the way how financial transactions are conceived. Ethereum was also a revolution, appeared in June 2015, and today players can play in Ethereum Casino.

At this point, ETC has established itself as the second largest currency in the industry in terms of market capitalisation. However, in terms of usage, it is much more widely used than Bitcoin, which was the pioneer, but had certain limitations.

ETH offers its users many other possibilities. Apart from the ability to make more transactions per second, what is really special about this Ethereum is the smart contracts.

Play in your Ethereum casino

A smart contract is similar to a traditional contract, but in addition it allows for the automatic execution of a set of specific rules. This makes it possible for two people who don't know each other to have an economic interaction and know that the distribution of wealth will be fair.

Smart contracts work within the ETH blockchain, a decentralised network that verifies that all transactions are properly recorded in history. Let's take a look at an example of how a smart contract works, as this may seem a bit abstract and is certainly difficult to understand for people who are unfamiliar with this technology.

How does a smart contract work?

Let's imagine we create a website where there will be a game in Ethereum Casino, but instead of being managed by humans, it will be something completely automatic. The program code will execute the instructions in this order:

  • The rules, followed in the trader's game with Ethereum, are set. This can be something as simple as a few conditionals or something much more complex. In our example, let's imagine that you can bet on the number so the following rules apply: the bet is fixed ($ 1); you can only place one stake per round on a single number; if the die is rolled and matches one of the bets, the contract divides the winnings among the number of bettors who chose that number and then sends them the winnings; in case no one hits, a pot is generated again until someone hits; a random number generator assigns the result of the die roll;
  • The contract is programmed to expire each time more than 2 players place a bet, waiting 5 minutes in case more players want to join;
  • Once more than 2 players have bet and the 5 minutes have elapsed since the first player bet, the contract is automatically activated;
  • The dice roll is activated;
  • The win-share condition is activated among the players who guessed correctly. If no one hit, the contract waits again for two players to bet;
  • Because the smart contract is executed within the blockchain, the entire network of ETH users verifies that the steps are followed properly to prevent a third party from appropriating the money;

As you can see, the dealer's presence has not been necessary at any point; thanks to supervised automation, it is possible to eliminate middlemen in Ethereum Casino.

Using ETH in casinos

It wasn't long before users of smart contracts began to think about possible applications for this technology. One sector where Ethereum began to develop quickly was online gambling, as it is a fast, secure and cheap payment method. It eliminates the need for them to be managed by a central entity, which of course always aims to extract the maximum profit from the activity.

In short, ETH is much more than just a fast payment method; it is also used to create the games themselves and distribute the prizes securely.

The advantages og Ethereum casino

What are the benefits of playing at Ethereum Casino? Obviously, many advantages. That's why hundreds of players around the world choose Ethereum casino to play at. Let's get to know them now:

Less comissions

By eliminating the need of middlemen to get the casino up and running, these online sites are developed with Ethereum or another Bitcoin-powered site which can afford to offer higher payout percentages. It is entirely possible for a team of developers to create an Ethereum casino where the slots have an RTP of 100%, something unthinkable in the traditional slots world. Let's now look at one of the biggest advantages of this Ethereum casino.


In a traditional casino you need to identify yourself before deposit, with ID card or even proof of residency, which can be a phone bill, bank statement, etc. This process is slow and cumbersome for the user. This process is slow and cumbersome for the user. Thanks to Ethereum, there are Ethereum casinos where you don't have to identify yourself; you just have to choose a nickname to register.

Speed of cash withdrawal

On average, the ETH network allows to sent money or receive it in just 16 seconds, which is reflected in casino deposits and withdrawals. If we compare it to the 7 days it can take to withdraw money via bank transfer on a traditional slots site, we will realise what a great advantage it is for a casino to have Ethereum.


Although, everything is automated, the fact that the entire ETH network monitors all transactions, there are no thefts or any kind of security issues. Thanks to this modern technology, Ethereum Casinos are the new safest Casinos.

ethereum casino

ETH casino outlook

The number of Ethereum casinos. In that case, Ethereum simply represents an easy, cheap and fast way to deposit and withdraw money.

At the moment, however, there are very few casinos built entirely with Ethereum technology, although several are expected to launch soon. With games powered by smart contracts, these Ethereum casinos will tap into the full potential of the Ethereum network. This is something that is sure to grow.

Ethereum casino regulation

A casino that accepts Ethereum can allow us to operate on it without having to provide our identity. However, the legislation in this regard is different in each country, so you should be sure about your laws. In Spain, for example, even if it were possible to operate anonymously, as soon as we make a transfer with the profits to the bank, the government could discover it and if it is not declared in the annual income tax return, we could face an illegality. Therefore, you should inform yourself well before making a transfer in Euros.

On the other hand, Ethereum casinos can afford the luxury of not obtaining a corresponding licence to operate in a country. It is such a new technology that its legal status in many countries is still unclear. What is 100% clear, however, is that since the transactions are not in dollars or in the usual currencies, they cannot be controlled by governments.

Main problems betting with ETH

The Ethereum network has seen an explosion of new smart contracts and applications, sometimes reaching saturation. In times of very high traffic, a transfer through the Ethereum network may take a very long time to reach its destination. In such a case, it could be avoided by paying a high fee, but this is obviously not ideal. The developers are trying hard to solve this problem; other Ethereums have appeared with much higher transfer speeds and capacities.

As with BTC casino, Ethereum is traded on various exchanges and its value fluctuates depending on supply and demand. Depending on the time of year, its volatility can be high, although it has been trading at fairly stable levels. In the worst case, we might earn a high amount of ETH, but its value drops in price, so the profit is lower than expected.

If you want to have fun and win money, here at Casino Casa we recommend Ethereum casinos with high welcome bonuses - check out our list at the top of the page! Alternatively, we invite you to discover Ethereum casinos that don't require an initial deposit to start playing

Bet on Ethereum Casino: How does it work?

The virtual currency allows players on gaming platforms to conduct transactions efficiently using Ethereum. This virtual currency is processed by blockchains whose miners are paid with blocks mined from Proof of Work. In that way, Ethereum offers its users to create smart contracts and exchange value in the same way.

As a result, more and more Ethereum casino players have currently adopted Ethereum on gambling sites that accept this currency. Moreover, to the delight of online gambling enthusiasts, the list of these platforms is constantly growing. Indeed, these offer some interesting diversions, including the following:

  • Poker rooms.
  • Sports betting.
  • Dice games.

It is important to remember that Ethereum is one of the largest cryptocurrencies available online. This currency works like in Bitcoin casino. However, the protocol of use remains relatively different. Therefore, players should consider these differences to ensure that they choose the best Ethereum casino.

Use Ethereum for betting

Ethereum is currently very popular. It becomes more or less difficult to obtain this virtual currency. However, players who used Bitcoins can easily exchange them. BTC/ETH exchanges are available on some websites and are also completely safe.

But before players can exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum and play and use betting sites, they must have a wallet that allows them to receive Ethereum.

Since the number of Ethereum wallets is growing daily, it is recommended to start with a secure wallet. Ether wallets to be used in Ethereum Casino allow interaction via the use of smart contracts. These represent an unprecedented technology that can be used by anyone wishing to bet.

Why choose Ethereum Casinos?

Playing with the cryptocurrency has several interesting advantages. Just like Bitcoin, it allows transparent, fast and anonymous betting. Therefore, Ethereum has gained enormous popularity in recent years as it combines all the advantages.


Which Casino in Canada accepts Ethereum?

The good news is that you have many options to play online with Ethereum. As the currency gains popularity among online gamblers, more and more gambling sites have decided to accept it as a deposit option. Most of them also allow withdrawals. However, it is important not to use just any site.

Most casinos recognise the many benefits of cryptocurrency, which is why a good number of platforms offer cryptocurrency gambling. Some casinos accept Ethereum only, while others consider ETC as an additional transaction currency. Ethereum is comparable to traditional currencies. In Canada, SlotJoint, Casinoin and Casino X are among the most popular ETH casinos.

How can you use your Ethereum in Casino?

Ethereum is an easy way to pay, especially via a mobile app. Before you can deposit ETH into a casino account, follow the online instructions on how to obtain the currency and store your Ethereum.

Ethereum casinos are very popular on the internet as they offer players a combination of anonymity, security and transaction speed. Nowadays, the best online casinos allow players to make deposits and withdrawals using Ethereum.

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